Reseller System by TeamEA

We're looking for Resellers which are able to sell our Products on different markets.
With this, you are going to get an trustworthy Supplier and also decent profit thanks to our unique products and service.

Our Products:

That's right! We're selling YouTube Premium Upgrades.

How does it work?

After purchase, we only need the E-Mail address and the country of the Customer.
Shortly after that, the Customer is going to recieve an Invitation on his E-Mail address
which only needs to be accepted by one click!

Our Upgrades work worldwide, often where YouTube Premium isn't even supported!

We also got TIDAL! The best Streaming Service out there.

How does it work?

The Customer is going to recieve an private Account, fully customizable and provided by us.
Every Information on these Accounts can be changed, they are created by Order.
An Example of Login-Information could be:

Our Support:

We provide you the best Service possible. Your Orders are going to be processed
quick, easy and fully transparent!
We are available almost 24/7 with giving you the best experience you could ever imagine.


Our Prices are linked in the individual Threads we already provide on MPGH!

YouTube Premium:


The prices we are giving you, may vary.
Depending on the weekly Amount of orders, we are able to adjust the Prices to increase your profit margins.
Simply add us on IM so that we can negotiate the best deal for you!

Interested? Simply head us up on IM!