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    Post my schizophrenia

    -I died 2018 , october 24- At north surry high school because of no one caring about my disablity -Schizophrenia. I hit my head very very very very very very very very very very very very very hard over a brick wall.
    -I' smoked a blunt and my brain poped' 2 weeks after being out of the hospital.
    -Since i was too scared to smoke weed; since losing my memory for a good 24 hours that same night brain pop; I started smoking cigirates and, i smoked so many in a short time spand i do belive i fucked up my lungs, I did get told i had a *super power that i couldnt catch cancer* but now I know it was my schizo -.-
    -I do believe i must of burnt my memory cell or, maybe shortened it's capablitys'.
    -Doctors had me on medicene that made me have SUPER LUCID NIGHTMARES, Sweats, Ate alot and, sleep too much when I needed to work.
    -Became very dellusional to what in the world the real world is doing.
    -Ever since I died, I've been extreamly different.
    -Things have happened that only happen in movies.
    -People obviously are in my head; and dont care about my feelings and, it causes a strange chemical balance in my "Feelings" To the point i wanna kill or, love.
    -I still am tired 24/7 and, my head is sore. in the spot i hit it.
    -I cracked my skull and no doctors care. The mt airy hospital is an, torture facility. They injured me when they was supposed to be taken care of me. They harrased me and, locked me up like an animal and, just yelled and, gave me no attention when I needed it.
    -I'm a new type of schizophrenic I' believe.
    -I see the future in ways I cant use it to my advantage besides "Just following my gut feelings which only works towards the lottery".
    -I am sorta telekinesis "I move things with my thoughts and, i can control where I want things to go and, how things will go.
    -My reflexes has tremoudusly became better. I say above average maybe not super humanly insane to where i can go to the military and become a super power. Although i would if i was able to train myself to be that viable.
    -I taste words sometimes just realized this one not too long ago. Started after my head accident though; I sometimes taste the words. Dota 2, Novea, Bounty hunter ,Cancer =weed and some others but i forgot
    -I've dreamed such real dreams that i belive im connected to a multi universe in our realm; And if thats the case why does god allow such a thing such as a multi verse? Or, Im maybe in a spiritual demnsion? I just dont know. But the dreams like as of last night, Which they have actually began again, After my head accident in october of 2018 on the 24th, After getting out the hospital and smoking da blunt, So Nov 3rd. I started DREAMING SUCH REAL LIFE DEMNSION DREAMS THAT I COULDNT TELL I WAS ASLEEP SOMETIMES!!!! ITS SO MAGNIFICENT to be honest! If its not a nightmare! It's truly out of this world universe any word that describes our "Whole entire existence" Type of power I can obtain once i dream. Or sleep" but it stopped its amazing realness around febuary 2019 but it picked but it did happen every once in a while like a usual thing ever since the head accident but it's not as bad as it was from" Novemeber to febuary and id say in the 20's of febuary it slowed down very nicely to where i could sleep peacefuly and, also during them months I was so schizophrenic that I thought I was a kingsmen and shit and, man I was even staying up for days sometimes and, I was smoking so much cigs that It wasnt even funny man and I'm talking I was WAYY WAYY WAYY OUT OF THIS FKING WORLDS REALITY MAN... I cant even go into full depths of what the fuck I was in but I swear to god man this shits a kids dream in reality but a nightmare in an adult who needs to be gaining wisdom and knowledge and money... -.- but sorta out of the kids control if it was in a kid so.. Sorta glad its me.. but damn!! I thought I was a brilliant person that could take on anything... EVER SINCE HAVING THIS SHIT!! OF A DISEASE ON TOP OF THIS HEAD ACCIDENT + NOW SUPERNATURAL POWERS.. Its just a matter of time tbh.. unless I get my happiness!!! But its sorta wierd that I can only function If im at my house and out of the publics view.. but truly its disease mixed with money problems -.-

    here recently I"ve sorta realized that its coming back; and its stronger lol... jeeezzz I'm not pretending any of this and, the weird thing is I sorta asked myself if winter will be the same but DAmn its actually improved and not.. but the dreams are coming back, my thoughts are spartic and pulling me out of reality again but not as bad but i can sit and roleplay all fucking day in my head and its soo fucking gayyy sometimes -.- all the time but i cant stop it so, I sorta control it to an extent. but last night of 9/14/2019 I Had a dream about my towns walmart and, a classmate striking a match and the water sprinklers going off and, we all got dismissed out of walmart everyone, and then I recall seeing an old lady tellling another old lady to "get out of the car and she said hurry you little shit lmfao;i gotta see the paper or something along those lines". and then I recall I' was talking to some girls and they I ended up getting mad at them and blocking them then i got mad myself for blocking them and i unblocked them and they blocked me back lmfao but then it switched to me getting into a plane WITH SOMEONE AND I THINK IT WAS ONE OF MY FRIENDS. BUT MAN!!! THIS IS THE FUCKIN CRAZY PART!! THIS GUY WAS TALKING TO ME SO PERFECTLY LIKE IT WAS REAL LIFE HERE GOES THE CONVO "OLD MAN: Im a pilot where you need to go? , I said I dont wanna ride in a plane im too scared, :Pilot" Dont be its safe; ME: Are you sure?? I think i said that somewhere along those lines i was tryna talk my friend out of it because we was going to see them girls I blocked but IM THINKING IT was some chick i saw on instagram the night before and shes in spain lmfao!! THATS THE WIERD PART IM SO FKING FREAKED OUT LMFAO. But anyways we get into the plane im in the back seat and its a little plane too like a; 4 person plane, and my homies in the front and this dude driving the plane has wheels on it lmfao and we are on the highway driving a plane, I guess since my head knows I'm terrified of planes that it didint really get the plane into the air lmfao, but the guy I remember him saying that he was a 30 year old pilot and man this guy was going fast on the driveway and he was drifting and shit! and, all of a sudden he read my fking mind!! I SAID IN my head that i wanted to go in the air and, all of a sudden he said " You wanna go in the air now?" And my friend said yea, and I was like NOOOO!!!!! PLZZZZZZZZ LMFAO, and he just ignored me and i think he said not to be scared and, all of a sudden man a pillow was in my arms lmfao and i just tucked my head into the pillow and, closed my eyes! I FELT MY FKING HEART JUST MASSIVLY BEATING AND DROPPING AT THE SAME TIME LMFAO!! IT was insane, but all of a sudden we appeard to this joint and, i swear it was like a vampire place lmfao, but this bald SEXY lady came out and she was short bro and, again the pilot got out and went in, well im in the plane and damn he comes out and pulls me out the plane and takes me in there and sits me beside the bald girl and says bust some moves! Because evidently she was intrested in me! lmfao but i skipped that part in the text above; I didint even meet the girl before he sat me beside her i just added her in real fast since i remembered like that, but yeah he said bust some moves and damn!!! IN MY DREAMS I HAVE MORE GAME THEN IN REAL LIFE!! LMFAO it must be my old me before schizophrenia because i was a straight G ass nigga back then lmfao! but yea she started to get up and all of a sudden I said some shit i cant remember but i can visually see it as im typing and i remember her smiling and talking in such a beautiful voice and damn i think i went to kiss her and then I cant recall if I did or not dammit!! MAYBE MAYBE NOT... but then I recall a woman standing then she crossed her legs and did a hiss noise and then we left -.- I cant remember every detail and, then all of sudden we was back in the plane and, I cant remember from there but we was driving again not flying im guessing the pilot didint wanna scare me but I asked him about his watch " I can sorta visualize it in my head, but IT WAS BAD AS FUCK!!" maybe an ancient watch idk.. but it was pretty cool. Then all of sudden we were somewhere else, and OFFSET the rapper was in it rapping and, I began rapping and i said something awesome and he liked it lol! But after that I do recall the dream switching from that to these girls I know "They from flordia" Well it was the blonde one who was in my dream "Coral" and she I can only remember seeing her face, I cant recall anything else but i think alot of more shit happened but I cant remember.. BUT YEAH GUYS IMAGINE SHIT LIKE THIS BUT YOUR IN SORTA OF A CONTROL STATE OF MIND DURING IT! ITS JUST UP TO YOU TO REALIZE IT LMFAO!!! I never do man... I never doo!! Like its crazy sometimes I can control!??? IT but I never realize im dreaming! I HAVE ONCE ACTUALLY AND THIS WAS IN NOVEMBER RIGHT AFTER THE HEAD ACCIDENT!! I'll Cut right to the point.. I was crawling outside on my porch and it was raining in real life and, in the dream it wasnt and, all of a sudden I said' Am I in a dream?? and I woke the fuck up!! WONDER WHY THAT IS!! I BET GOD SAW AND, HE DIDINT WANT ME TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD OR SOMETHING WITH DREAM POWERS OR SOMETHING LMFAO!! BECAUSE THESE AINT JUST NO ORDINARY LUCID DREAMS!!! THESE ARE FKING LIKE I SAID.. NEXT FUCKING LEVEL DEMI GOD SHIT!! MAN... I CANT EVEN FKING BREAK THRU THE FKING BARRIER OF WHAT THE FK I BE EXPERIENCEING WHILE IM FKING SLEEPING!!! LMFAO!! Like I get its just a dream but the feeling ... and, the way the shit goes man... its next level shit -.- youd say the same if it was you... So yeah.. but yeah; shits crazy how I have such un useful fucking super powers but they could be useful if i had time to fuck with them like a millionaire or something.. that has time to do nothing but fuck around with there selfs and money lol but thereselfs is the part im needing maybe the money to get high and, stimulate my mind so i can advance my mind. because damn man, I dont get it but I feel as if I somehow boost my mind I Might fix this shit or make it better but yeah thats all folks lmk what this reminds you of or if i should contact anyone that could make me famous lol or fix me anything. Bye. -NewSchizophrenicLevel

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