Posting Rules:
  • Only post Call of Duty Modern Warfare related hacks or discussions in the section below.
  • Do not post External download links. All files must be attached to the thread.
  • You are not allowed to sell hacks in any shape or form.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Hacks:

  • Do not post DDoS-ers
  • Do not post auto updating clients.
  • If a new version of the same hack is released, the old thread will be marked as outdated.
  • Posting thanks in these threads are okay. However, spamming thanks or something of that nature across numerous threads is considered spam and can result in a ban.

Attachment approval:
  • All attachments under go approval. This is so no harmful content is not posted on MPGH.
  • Approval may take up to 24 hours.

Correct way to post a thread:
Screenshots - Essential to prove the hack is functional.
1. Run the hack.
2. Press the PRT SC key on your keyboard to print screen.
3. Visit Imgur > Click "Upload images" > Hold down CTRL V > "Start upload"
4. Once uploaded you will be re-directed to another page. Under the share image section, click "More v".
5. Under the Direct link, you will see a link. Copy that link.
6. Paste the link in your thread post. If you cannot post links, space the link out, like so www . imgur . com. You may use an optional function which shows the picture itself on the thread. [IMG]DIRECT LINK TO IMAGE[/IMG]

Virus Scans - Essential to prove you aren't uploading a virus. At least 2 virus scans are required.
1. Zip your folder.
Right click the folder > Add to achieve... > Ok
Right click the folder > Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder
2. Visit at least 2 of the following websites, VirusTotal, Jotti, VirSCAN.
3. Upload the file your zipped folder.
4. Post the virus scan links on your thread.

Note: If the file is too big, simply split the files into small file sizes.

Uploading - Essential, so others can download the file. External download links are prohibited!
1. In your new thread creation, scroll down until you see "Additional Options" section.
2. Under attachments, click manage attachment.

3. Click Add files.

4. Select the folder you zipped earlier.
5. Click Upload File.
6. Click Done

Thread Titling - Essential, so others can easily identify the hack version.
1. Select your Prefix as [Release]

1. Click on Submit New Thread.
2. Your files should undergo review within 48 hours.


  • Always use the correct prefixes.

Meanings of Call of Duty Modern Warfare Hack prefix:
[Release] = A working hack
[Outdated] = A new version of this client has been released or the hack is no longer functional.

Bumping Rules:

  • You are only allowed to bump your thread after 24 hours have passed since the last post, violating this will lead to a post deletion and a warning. Violating more than once will lead to an INFRACTION. Responding to questions on your thread, asking a minion to update your thread are all significant posts and can be made at any time.
  • Do not bump old threads.

Requesting A Thread Edit:
  • After a period of time (24 Hours) you will be unable to edit your thread, if you want to update your thread such as the title, add a special deal, or reformat it, you can PM whoever the minion of the section is, currently @Silent and @Kevin, make sure you tell us exactly what you want done because we can only go by what you tell us. At times we may be busy or unavailable so please be patient when asking us to edit one of your threads.