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    MPGH Development Team Applications

    As you may have noticed, there are currently a lot of ongoing projects on MPGH. Apart from the ones that are under development already, there are other things we would like to have developed for MPGH members as well, such as NPCVend. We are looking for developers who are interested to help out the MPGH community by making it better for its members. If you enjoy being on the site and want to contribute to the development of the community, this is a great way to help out! Tasks and deadlines will be given out periodically, failure to meet any of them without prior notice will result in removal.

    So, what is the Development Team and what do they do?
    The Development Team is here to help develop and maintain any MPGH projects or software that may be being worked on. They are here to help grow and advanced MPGH to help provide the best experience possible for our members. An example of a possible project is helping with the development of IM. There are a wide range of projects and tools that could use some dedicated development help from the Development Team.

    Available Positions:

    Backend Developer - JavaScript/NodeJS
    Frontend Developer (UX/UI) - React, React Native
    Software Developer - C#, C++

    The requirements to be a Development Team member consist of the following:

    • Must be able to manage time well and meet all deadlines.
    • At least 100 posts to even be considered.
    • Must be active and have shown a willingness to contribute to MPGH.
    • At least have two months on the site to even be considered.
    • Must be an active member on the site.
    • Must be proficient with the English language.


    • User-tag and name colour. (Shown above)
    • Some staff benefits.
    • Other enhancements/access to hidden forums.

    Application Format:
    Name: (Nicknames are fine)
    Do you have school/work?: (If so what are the usual times and days you will be away)
    Location: (Country + Timezone)
    Position you have an interest in: (Please select from the available positions above)
    Development experience: (Give examples if possible)
    Anything else you would like to add:
    All other posts will be deleted and could result in an infraction or ban. Do not solicit people for "support". It is pointless to do so and doing so will result in your application being deleted.

    We reserve the right to not select a member for any given position.
    This is usually determined by quality of applicants, their history with the site and/or staff and admins.
    I Read All Of My PM's & VM's
    If you need help with anything, just let me know.

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    Name: Azuki
    Age: (ask me in dm if interested)
    Do you have school/work?: Work on weekdays from 7:30 to 16:30 GMT+1
    Location: Germany GMT+1
    Position you have an interest in: C# Software Developer
    Development experience: I've made a number of tools, programs and hacks; but the one's that are most notable are my Replay Hack for the rhythm game osu! ,
    a tool to unpack various packed archive types for Visual Novel games ,
    and I'm currently working on new bigger projects, also for the rhythm game osu!, most notably a replay editor that's gonna be full-featured and free
    Anything else you would like to add: While I specialize in exploiting games in various ways it's not what I am limited to (which is why I also linked the Macaron Project).
    Also my work times can sometimes stretch beyond 16:30 because I work in a few fields, including teaching students as well as construction (depending on if I am outsourced or not)

    BTC: 1LLm4gaPYCZsczmi8n1ia1GsEMsDRs2ayy
    ETH: 0x7d8045F6e452045439c831D09BAB19Bf9D5263EE

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    Name: Shutupbob
    Age: 18
    Do you have school/work?: Full time college student (computer science), and a manager at a pizza place (30+ hours a week
    Location: USA, eastern time zone
    Position you have an interest in: Software dev
    Development experience: ******* bot to verify ROTMG accounts (The source code is on my other computer, I'll upload it to github soon)
    Anything else you would like to add: I'm still a beginner with C++, but C# is my cup of tea. Also being a volunteer position, this wouldn't have high priority in my life. School > work > other personal commitments (this included)

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    Name: banonkiel
    Age: 21
    Do you have school/work?: College & part time job
    Location: Egypt (UTC+02)
    Position you have an interest in: Alright this might sound funny but both Backend/Frontend
    Development experience: N/A
    Anything else you would like to add:

    Alright so what the frick are you thinking? You've no previous experience and you want to hop into this?
    I'm a college student majoring in Computer Science, I don't have experience with the languages mentioned above (other than maybe some JS for a small project I made)
    I've written some projects in C, Bash, JavaScript, Dart, Native PHP (which are literally not worth mentioning)
    I always try to read most up-to-date documentation while learning new stuff.

    Won't you be overwhelmed with what's required from you? yes and no.
    Yes because I will have to put double effort. (learning then implementing)
    No because if you don't push yourself to the limit with every task, you are doing it wrong.

    I will be honest with you, ye I don't have the experience to fill a "senior developer" shoe, but I've enough knowledge to learn anything you throw at me.
    Data structures? no problem, Algorithms? no problem, complete new programming language? no problem.

    What I lack in experience I compensate with my dedication and hard work.
    There's nothing you can't learn/find online regarding programming anymore, so I believe I can fulfill tasks required from me.

    The best way to learn is to implement, the continuous process of trial and error eventually yields progress.

    I don't want fancy titles, I don't want fancy colors/permissions/sections.
    All I want is to more programming practice, more learning and more experience.

    Won't it be tough for you to learn new languages? Nope, After completely going through your first programming language, learning any other language takes 2 days to a week (depending on your free time) to transition yourself to new syntax and such.
    the first language I went through was C which is a low-level language compared to JavaScript for instance.

    Thank you for reading my application, whether you consider me for this or not, whether you consider me even as an "understudy" I will be satisfied.
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