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    Post Terraria Character Visuals Editor CE Table


    Since so many of my friends like to have perfect vanities, such as player colors, I made a script (For Cheat Engine) that allows you to edit your players Hair & Player Style along with the ability to change the color on all possible body parts including eyes. This is 100% live edits IN-GAME so you can have some serious fun! (This is a good way to change colors on existing players). This should work on all versions If I'm missing something you want just let me know!

    How To Use:

    • Drag Script Into CE.
    • Click The My Player Record.
    • Toggle The Records You Want.
    • Double Click The Value To Edit Them.


    For the colors, Terraria uses a 8 digit hex color (I assume transparency was only used for the hair then abandoned) value for there color system. This means you will want to use this site to select your color. Pick a color > More Conversions > Un -Check Signed Integer > ABGR (These numbers are your color!). I have gone ahead and added the entire color wheel (Main & Secondary) in a drop-down list. Enjoy guys. PS: Hairstyles# -1.

    <b>Downloadable Files</b> Downloadable Files
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