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    MPGH GFX Team Applications

    We are currently looking for talented graphic artists, in a wide range of areas, to join the GFX Team. The team will be kept small for the time being, with about 2-3 members in it. Their primary focus is assisting with all kinds of GFX work that may be needed on the forum. Tasks and deadlines will be given out periodically, failure to meet any of them without prior notice will result in removal.

    So, what is the GFX Team and what do they do?
    The GFX Team is here to help multiple different groups on MPGH with their needs, along with completing their own work and tasks. For example, the GFX Team could help with working on MPGH themed wallpapers as a project of their own. In addition, they will be responsible for helping with requests that may come from Administration, News Force, Publicists, and the Development Team. The team will go beyond signatures, and be more involved with Web Design, Graphic Art, Logo Design, Themes, and Layouts. Requests will be given out with well in advance, generous deadlines.
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    If you need help with anything, just let me know.

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