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    gold_smith trying to scam me of referrals owed and money

    User :
    Shop :
    He gave me 4 referrals on the 11/1
    Messaged him haven't gotten a response because he says the internet was banned from him. I even sent him the message on his thread. So now hes trying to say i got 10 referrals. Outta no where he says 10? Just because he can check my account history of the trip and assume it's 10 referrals because those trip were 10$ off. I saved the other ones before ordering more from this guy and for him to even assume that he gave me 10.....When i messaged him that day that i only got 4 and was ignored. Refund me the 16 referrals. I gave him the login details to check and that's all he can assume.
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