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    Royce Negative Rep again

    Royce has given me negative rep with question marks as the reason so I am opening this thread to dispute it, MPGH rules state All reputation must have reasons provided for why reputation occurred, otherwise a valid removal of the reputation can be requested and will be removed.

    I'm still confused why you let children like this get away with not following the rules for years now? Literally years lol.
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    The rules state "All reputation must have valid reasons provided for why reputation occurred" this means when a dispute is opened they need to have a valid reason for having performed the action. Not that they have to write a dissertation on the rep itself. So when the person is asked, why did you de-rep? (If there had not been a visible direct interaction) the member would have to state the valid reason for the rep. Such as IM, VM, email or PM exchange.

    This is not the case here, so the rep stands.

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