Cybertruck: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
The company that is making raves all over the world, Tesla, has launched another automobile. This one is a little polarizing since there are a lot of people who love it, and the other half hate it to its metal core. When the presentation was announced people were thrilled that a truck was finally hitting the road that was electric. Well, there was the roadster that was already out but this would be an electric car by Elon Musk, so there was a lot of anticipation behind it. However, at the presentation a lot of things went wrong, both expected and unexpected.

When Elon Musk walked onto the state, he made a huge speech that made the car sounds like it would be the next big thing in the truck industry; however, when it was brought onto the state people started laughing and others were completely shocked. No one expected a truck that looked like it should belong in the extremely popular game called Minecraft, or a car that still looked like it was in the beginning stages. And when people asked Elon if the car was still being finished or if this is how it will look, he stated that this is pretty close to the finished model. Next thing that went wrong was the endurance test. When the car designer, Franz von Holzhausen, was asked to throw a ball at the Cybertruck window there was no exception that the window will break. However, this is exactly what happened, and Musk and Holzhausen thought it was maybe because the ball was thrown a little too hard. So, they tried again to show the durability of the car, but it happened again. As embarrassing as this was, Elon Musk just shrugged it off and said that “there is room for improvements.

Now this would have been fine and all if the car was a beautiful piece of work, but based on today’s car looks it was far from the beauty that people expected it to be. There was a reaction that was expected but another thing happened that was also unexpected. The first thing that occurred was that the stock of Tesla dropped around five to six percent, depending on the source you look at. This was probably expected by both the company, and the consumer/viewer of the truck. However, another thing happened that surprised everyone. Elon Musk said that they already have orders to be filled for around two hundred thousand to two hundred and fifty thousand cars, depending on the source you take a look at. However this can be true or false because of how the car pre-order works. Someone that might be interested right now only has to put down a hundred dollars, which by the way, are fully refundable. So if Tesla is using this to get their numbers than it is not really how many people will fully buy the car when it is released.

Lastly, its the different things that the car offers. Although the car didn’t have the showing that Tesla and Elon Musk expected, it is still up there for its specs. A fully decked out car will cost someone around seventy thousand dollars or seventy seven thousand if they want the self driving installed in it. The specs this car has beats out Ford’s F150 model in most scenarios and also the roadster. Another thing that this car promises is to give five hundred miles of driving range and fourteen thousand pound carrying carrying capacity. It is also one of the fastest zero to sixty with a record of two point nine seconds. So, overall this car does have promise for someone who has to carry a lot of things but the customer base they are trying to pitch this car to probably are not wanting an electric car and they are pretty loyal to their car brand. Time will tell if this was a worthy investment for Tesla, but there is still time for Tesla to change the shape of the car, so maybe it won’t be so bad when it releases in 2021-ish.

Written by: Eternity
Date: November 28th, 2019