Sign Language in the NBA - Milwaukee Bucks
This season, the Milwaukee Bucks hired Brice Christianson, a sign language interpreter. This is considered a positive new step for the team, and it is something that other teams have not started doing yet. However, this pioneering new step has come with its fair share of difficulties. For example, some of the “sports jargon” is hard to translate, so Christianson has to resort to finding alternate terms to convey the idea across. He has also consulted a deaf friend and sign language specialist of his, Christopher Rawlings, to see what other terms he could use to better convey his ideas across. This new way of conveying information has been a boon to many of the deaf fans of the bucks, who are now able to understand Budenholzer’s recaps of the Bucks after each game. The star of the Bucks, Antetokounmpo, has been the topic of most of the recaps, describing his feats and plays during each game. Currently, the news conferences after the games are “averaging more than 7000 views per game on social media” and that “does not include Christianson’s signing.” (Cacciola) Also, this came as a result of Coach Budenholzer enthusiastically agreeing to it, with Budenholzer answering questions and Christianson trying to translation in ASL (American Sign Language) live. This has also expanded the fanbase able to participate in the recaps, as Wisconsin has more than 500,000 registered deaf citizens. Christianson has also been reviewing each of his translations, seeing where his translations can be improved so he can be sure that he will translate even better the next game. With this groundbreaking idea that the Bucks have put forth, hopefully, it is only a matter of time for other NBA teams to provide similar amenities for its fans.

Justin Fields Has ‘Heisman Moment’ in Ohio State’s Win Over Michigan
Justin Fields, the quarterback from Ohio State, is considered one of the nation’s best college quarterbacks. During the recent game of Ohio State vs. University of Michigan, Fields made 25 throws, with many celebrated plays, of which the 30-yard strike as the best one. Another highlight was the medical scare, where he visited the medical tent during the third quarter for an apparent knee injury. However, upon his return on the field, he scored his third touchdown pass of the game, resulting in the Buckeyes having a 12-0 regular season with their 52 to 27 victory over the University of Michigan. This is also the eighth consecutive win between the two colleges for the Buckeyes. Coach Ryan Day also viewed Fields as one of the nation’s best QBs after his throw during the first play, and it was viewed as a “Heisman moment”. Even though Ohio State tight end Luke Farrell damaged Fields left knee accidentally during a play, Fields was able to tough it out and come back to make more plays. Now that Fields has brought the Buckeyes to next week’s Big Ten title game in Indianapolis, the goal that everyone has in mind is a victory.

Written by: Sean
Date: November 30th, 2019