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    Music News - 250th Edition

    BASHI - Mixed Emotions (EP)
    “Mixed Emotions” was released on November 7th, 2019. BASHI is a talented undiscovered Hip-Hop artist based out of South East London where he grew up. He takes great inspiration from the likes of JUICE WRLD and Post Malone. He is only 15 years-of-age, but don’t let that discourage your from listening to his music as the quality is something you would not expect from such a young artist. His style combines a happy, upbeat style with hard, booming kick drums and 808s. I came across his music on SoundCloud and was pleasantly surprised with the talent of BASHI. This EP is definitely going in my playlist.


    “Psycho” is the first out of six songs in BASHI’s “Mixed Emotions” EP. Overall, the song is very upbeat with repeatable lyrics. The beat consists of a lead and backing guitar, complemented by crispy, hard hitting percussion. The lyrical content includes lyrics about a relationship with a girl and how that relationship affected him. It is pleasing to hear and something that you could listen to over and over again. His flow is on-point throughout the entire song. The beat is well produced, mixed, and mastered. This is one of my favorite tracks on the EP.

    “Emotional Wreck”

    “Emotional Wreck” is the second song in the EP and is a more up-beat, hype style compared to “Psycho”. The beat is also very well produced, mixed, and mastered and consist of a wavy lead synth with a very hard hitting 808, which seems to be the focus on the track. It is my personal favorite track in the EP. It’s definitely something I have at the top of my playlist.


    “Mili” is the third song in the EP. It continues the hype style that “Emotional Wreck” has and really emphasises the kick drum and 808. The lyrical content in this song expresses BASHI’s “riches”. While the lyrics may seem generic, they flow well with the beat and are overall very catchy. I personally really enjoy this song nevertheless.


    “Longer” is the fourth song in the EP. It is another song focusing on a relationship with a girl and how he is alone without her. The lyrics in this song are particularly catchy with a nice flow to the beat. The beat itself hits hard and includes a simple pluck as the lead synth, snappy percussion, and a booming 808. It’s very well produced, mixed, and mastered on-top of it all. Another one of my top favorite songs on this EP.


    “Alive” is the filth song in the EP. It features another undiscovered artist who goes by BENJY. The beat is made up of a very smooth piano, short snappy percussion, and yet another banging 808. The lyrical content of the song regards how they feel alive when they are with the girl that they love, and over-all the lyrics are catchy and the flow is good.


    “Demons” is the sixth song in the EP, making it the last. The beat includes a very clean classical guitar, raw sounding percussion, and hard hitting 808. The lyrical content consist of BASHI talking about his demons and how he is trying to overcome them. While “Demons” is not as hype as the other songs on this EP, I feel that this song perfectly ends off.

    Overall, I give this EP a 9/10. While there is always room for improvement in an up-and-coming rap artist’s production, this is seriously one impressive EP coming from such a young individual. I would highly recommend checking out BASHI’s music as I feel he has major potential. You can find him on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, and every other major music platform out there.


    Written by: Cyberpvnk
    Date: November 25th, 2019

    Fantasy - Pink Fantasy
    This music was released on August 5 of this year by the group Pink Fantasy.

    In my opinion I do not like the genre "Korean Pop", however over time this genre was growing impressively in the world of music. I was encouraged to listen to music just out of curiosity and I ended up impressed because the rhythm is catchy although the lyrics are originally in Korean. They will probably continue to grow a lot, and reach their peak, not without exceeding the famous musical themes such as pop and rock, but without considering one of the important ones, the reason why the K-POP is triumphing so much is because apart from having extravagant sounds, meeting the stereotypes of people who demand a lot.

    If I recommend this music?
    Yes, If you want to go a little deeper into the world of Korean Pop music, this is a very good music that will catch you with its rhythm.


    Written by: H3RECLES
    Date: November 20th, 2019
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