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    Music News - 251st Edition - Jackboys

    JACKBOYS - JackBoys
    This month record label Cactus Jack Records released a collab album between all members of the label; Travis Scott, Sheck Wes, Don Toliver, Luxury Tax and Chase B. Guest appearances on the album are: Rosalía, Lil Baby, Quavo, Offset, Young Thug, and Pop Smoke. The album came almost completely unexpectedly for many fans. The album is fairly short composed of only 7 tracks while the first track is a remix of Travis's earlier released single "Highest in the Room". The album officially starts at track 2 which is an intro. Track 3, "GANG GANG" is really where you can really hear the collective's true sound. The track opens with Sheck Wes rapping over a slow beat and quickly transitions into Travis. This track is setting the vibe for the album. Next on the list is "HAD ENOUGH". On this track Don Toliver shows us his range of lyricism and vocal octaves. Quavo and Offset are featured here, Offset seems to do the majority of their duo verse, and Quavo closes with a nice melody. The 5th track "OUT WEST" featuring Young Thug is primarily Young Thug and by that I mean the entire song is Young Thug with a small verse from Travis. Personally I wasn't much of a fan of this track for that reason. The beat is nice with melodic flow though. The 6th track of the album "WHAT TO DO?" is the banger of the album. This track is primarily Don Toliver and Travis with some adlibs from Sheck Wes. The beat is dark which highly compliments Don's verses as well as Travis on the hook. If you don't like any other tracks on the album, I'm positive this one will make your list. The closer for the album "GATTI" features Pop Smoke and Travis Scott. This is definitely the heaviest song on the album, fitting for a closer. The beat produced by AXL Beats is a drill style beat which we've never really heard Travis on before, so this is a must listen as well. Well composed and Travis and Pop Smoke compliment each other well trading vocals.

    Overall I give this album a 7/10

    Written by: Schuba
    Date: January 8th, 2020

    FREE - 7eventh Time Down
    Adept at mixing infectious melodies with inspiring lyrics 7eventh Time Down is a Kentucky based band that focuses on proclaiming who they are in Christ with all their music. The four band members- Mikey Howard (vocals), Eric Vanzant (guitar), Cliff Williams (bass), and Austin Miller (drums)- are best friends who grew up together and once school was over each felt the call from God to do music ministry. This simple has many mixed emotions, which in my opinion make me enter more into his music.

    Glass Hearts - Of Mice & Men
    I don't have much to say about this simple, it's simply beautiful. Speaking of lyrics they can be hit or miss too. "Glass Hearts" is a track that really shows an emphasis of meaning and emotion in it's message while also making excellent use of poetic devices.

    Tears Don’t Fall - Bullet for my Valentine
    "Tears Don't Fall" is a song by Welsh heavy metal band Bullet for My Valentine. It is the band's fourth single from their first full-length studio album "Tears Don't Fall" is one of Bullet for My Valentine's most popular songs and is often regarded as one of the band's greatest songs.

    Bulls in the Bronx - Pierce The Veil
    The song is written from the perspective of a nameless narrator and describes her efforts to find love and beauty in a world that seems intent on denying her both. The song's imagery grows steadily grim and more depressing, finally culminating in a tragic conclusion. Vic keeps the lyrics imprecise and universal, so that this could be any sad and lost person, not necessarily the girl who inspired it.

    Many of the lyrics that Vic Fuentes writes for Pierce the Veil are personal, self-admittedly first starting out as poetry scribbled down in notebooks. The story behind "Bulls in the Bronx," however, is somewhat different. Vic received an email from a pair of fans whose friend, a 16 year old girl, had recently committed suicide. The email included a link to girl's Tumblr. Speaking to Mind Equals Blown, Vic said that "it was one of the most haunting things I've ever seen. There were things on there where she would say how she thought she was worthless, ugly, all of this crazy stuff. That whole thing really stuck with me for a while, and I wrote this song about her."

    Falling Apart - Papa Roach
    Jacoby Shaddix went through a very rough time in 2012 when the band was recording their previous album, The Connection. Working through alcoholism and a separation from his wife at this time inspired this song, which he says is about "learning how to let people love me."
    Jacoby Shaddix calls this song a "Callout to God." In our interview with Papa Roach frontman, he explained that it's a very spiritual song, and that "God" is simply his name for a higher power.

    Written by: H3RECLES
    Date: January 7th, 2020
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