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    MPGH News - 250th Edition

    Snapple Fact: A lemon contains more sugar than a strawberry.

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    Party Bomb
    An old world war two bomb was found in a construction site which was once the old nightlife of Singapore. Not many details were given on how the bomb was handled, but it was successfully disposed of. On November 18, 2019, 6 days after it was found, the police said that it was discarded at around 1635 hours and an explosion from the denotation operations was heard at approximately 1100 hours, another explosion was heard at around 1450 hours, about 40 SAF personnel were involved with the process.

    Click here to read the full article

    Blizzard Entertainment New Games
    The new edition of “Overwatch 2” brings a wealth of new things, of which, of course, they have not revealed everything. Some of the things we’ve learned are the names and looks of two new heroes, “Sojourn” and “Echo”. Keep in mind that “Sojourn” will be the first black woman in the game and that she was a product of fans request for a long time.
    RPG players, here are some exciting information on the new “Diablo IV”. Blizzard has announced a brand new edition of Diablo, and as they say, the “darkest” edition so far.
    "World of Warcraft: Shadowlands" is the eighth game in the “World of Warcraft” series. Blizzard announced it during an introductory ceremony where we could see “Sylvanas” returning to the “Icecrown Citadel” where the current king, ”Lich King Bolvar” is located. We can also see that Blizzard added many new zones, some of which are “Revendreth”, ”Ardenweald”,”Maldraxxus” and many more.

    Click here to read the full article

    Cybertruck: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
    The company that is making raves all over the world, Tesla, has launched another automobile. This one is a little polarizing since there are a lot of people who love it, and the other half hate it to its metal core. When the presentation was announced people were thrilled that a truck was finally hitting the road that was electric. Well, there was the roadster that was already out but this would be an electric car by Elon Musk, so there was a lot of anticipation behind it. However, at the presentation a lot of things went wrong, both expected and unexpected.
    Time will tell if this was a worthy investment for Tesla, but there is still time for Tesla to change the shape of the car, so maybe it won’t be so bad when it releases in 2021-ish.

    Click here to read the full article

    BASHI - Mixed Emotions (EP)
    “Mixed Emotions” was released on November 7th, 2019. BASHI is a talented undiscovered Hip-Hop artist based out of South East London where he grew up. He takes great inspiration from the likes of JUICE WRLD and Post Malone. He is only 15 years-of-age, but don’t let that discourage your from listening to his music as the quality is something you would not expect from such a young artist. His style combines a happy, upbeat style with hard, booming kick drums and 808s. I came across his music on SoundCloud and was pleasantly surprised with the talent of BASHI. This EP is definitely going in my playlist.

    Fantasy - Pink Fantasy
    In my opinion I do not like the genre "Korean Pop", however over time this genre was growing impressively in the world of music. I was encouraged to listen to music just out of curiosity and I ended up impressed because the rhythm is catchy although the lyrics are originally in Korean. They will probably continue to grow a lot, and reach their peak, not without exceeding the famous musical themes such as pop and rock, but without considering one of the important ones, the reason why the K-POP is triumphing so much is because apart from having extravagant sounds, meeting the stereotypes of people who demand a lot.

    Click here to read the full article

    Justin Fields Has ‘Heisman Moment’ in Ohio State’s Win Over Michigan
    Justin Fields, the quarterback from Ohio State, is considered one of the nation’s best college quarterbacks. During the recent game of Ohio State vs. University of Michigan, Fields made 25 throws, with many celebrated plays, of which the 30-yard strike as the best one.
    Upon his return on the field, he scored his third touchdown pass of the game, resulting in the Buckeyes having a 12-0 regular season with their 52 to 27 victory over the University of Michigan. Now that Fields has brought the Buckeyes to next week’s Big Ten title game in Indianapolis, the goal that everyone has in mind is a victory.

    Click here to read the full article

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    Glad to be apart of the team! I had fun writing my first article/EP review for this.

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    Great Article! Always nice to read some news
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