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    MPGH Development Team Applications

    As you may have noticed, there are currently a lot of ongoing projects on MPGH. Apart from the ones that are under development already, there are other things we would like to have developed for MPGH members as well, such as NPCVend. We are looking for developers who are interested to help out the MPGH community by making it better for its members. If you enjoy being on the site and want to contribute to the development of the community, this is a great way to help out! Tasks and deadlines will be given out periodically, failure to meet any of them without prior notice will result in removal.

    So, what is the Development Team and what do they do?
    The Development Team is here to help develop and maintain any MPGH projects or software that may be being worked on. They are here to help grow and advanced MPGH to help provide the best experience possible for our members. An example of a possible project is helping with the development of IM. There are a wide range of projects and tools that could use some dedicated development help from the Development Team.

    Available Positions:

    Backend Developer - JavaScript/NodeJS
    Frontend Developer (UX/UI) - React, React Native
    Software Developer - C#, C++

    The requirements to be a Development Team member consist of the following:

    • Must be able to manage time well and meet all deadlines.
    • At least 100 posts to even be considered.
    • Must be active and have shown a willingness to contribute to MPGH.
    • At least have two months on the site to even be considered.
    • Must be an active member on the site.
    • Must be proficient with the English language.


    • User-tag and name colour. (Shown above)
    • Some staff benefits.
    • Other enhancements/access to hidden forums.

    Application Format:
    Name: (Nicknames are fine)
    Do you have school/work?: (If so what are the usual times and days you will be away)
    Location: (Country + Timezone)
    Are you staff/special member in any other website: (If so where & what position/usergroup)
    Position you have an interest in: (Please select from the available positions above)
    Development experience: (Give examples if possible)
    Anything else you would like to add:
    All other posts will be deleted and could result in an infraction or ban. Do not solicit people for "support". It is pointless to do so and doing so will result in your application being deleted.

    We reserve the right to not select a member for any given position.
    This is usually determined by quality of applicants, their history with the site and/or staff and admins.
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    Name: Core
    Age: 23
    Do you have school/work?: Yes, work 5 days a week 8 hours a day.
    Are you staff/special member in any other website: No
    Position you have an interest in: Backend Developer
    Development experience:
    - I've worked on huge amount of projects and examples are too many from Uber clones to educational sites passing by eCommerce platforms.
    Anything else you would like to add:
    - Yes, I've been a part of MPGH for years although I'm not that active nor I have the post count but I would like to contribute to this community with the knowledge I have and the experience I gained which MPGH played a huge role in.
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    Name: Jacob
    Age: 20
    Do you have school/work?: Undergraduates (Computer Science & Cyber Security Dual Major) I have class usually around 9am - 12 noon. Free after and usually during those hours.
    Location: USA - Central Time Zone
    Are you staff/special member in any other website: No.
    Position you have an interest in: Primarily Front End or Backend as I am taking a Full Stack approach to my career.
    Development experience: Mainly side projects, I start developing clones of stuff in other languages advance and learn more complex features syntaxes of a multitude of languages.
    Anything else you would like to add:
    Ironically enough, a couple of days ago, I got bored and started an MPGH clone running an API Server on Express and running the front end through React JS. I am optimistic, and even if I do not get the position or chance to help further improve and develop upon MPGH I do plan on creating the entirety of the project and sending to Staff or Dev team to take a look and implement any features they would like.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PM_ME_YOUR_PASSWORD View Post
    Date: 11/14/15
    Other Person involved: Went first
    Item that has bought by you: 25 potions of defence
    Selling Thread (URL): http: // www mpgh net / forum /showthread php? t=1047395

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    When I was young my father gave me a small loan of one million dollars.

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    Name: Sol
    Age: 21
    Location: UK GMT
    Do you have school/work?: No
    Are you staff/special member in any other website: No
    Position you have an interest in: Front end/Backend Developer. Willing to learn react-native if required.
    Development experience:
    - I have experience with react, and am looking to learn react-native. I code all day, everyday. So I can hit any deadline.
    Anything else you would like to add:
    - I will test the components & adapt to any workflow. I have had many popular services in mpgh & and am not a time waster.
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