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    How do i go about finding player speed value?

    I am using cheat engine to try find player speed in a game.

    I have the coordinates of my player and can move him using this, however I wish to find the speed value and hack that too.

    I have tried standing still, then scanning and then sprinting and looking for an increase however this didnt help.

    What can i do to find the speed value ??

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    If you could give me the Game Name I can provide more detailed information for specific engines and even try to find it for you.
    • Most of the games got Player Data inside some sort of structure all at one place. Try to use Cheat Engine to "dissect data / structures" around your health address.
    • It might be useful to find the address for the state of sprinting by searching for 1 when true, and 0 when not. Then finding out what accesses that address.
    • There might be some information about the game and or code snippets of game cheats / hacks on the web as well. If you can't find a section for it on mpgh try to google for "structs reversal insert-game-name-here".

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