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    Post Legends of Runetera | Beta Season

    Ranked mode, friend challenge & brand new board and guardians.
    We might get a section for it if it gets popular.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheJoker View Post
    I would have to say it is so easy a 10-year-old can do it most likely.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kabbalah+ View Post
    im curious on whether i could phisically dominate this e-troll or not

    Quote Originally Posted by DJEZ0103 View Post
    i'd fuck bernie for sure, nothin' like a good ol' jewish shag
    Quote Originally Posted by arfary View Post
    I want a account member of barbarians babes now i got it thnks

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    How do i get access member account
    Quote Originally Posted by Dave84311 View Post
    I thought you were more of a dildo type of gay

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