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    Leona Menu 1.5

    @ the moderators: This version should have the connections removed

    Credits go to @maxiZzModz

    Extract the Files
    Join Online
    start the injector
    press inject
    and have fun

    Open Key * / Insert / F5 / RB + A
    - Controller Support

    Changelog v1.5
    -safety Changes
    -added Holocaust Lobby and Player
    -added Gravity Gun
    -added Add Friend
    -added Show Social Club Profile
    -added give RP to player
    -fixed spectate player black bars bug
    -removed infinite dead eye (temporary)
    -removed give weapons (temporary)
    -fixed TP to Marker Hotkey
    -removed Max Ammo (temporary)
    -added spawn cash chest
    -added change players horse saddle

    List of features :

    Network :

    Playerlist - Messing with other players
    Teleport To - Locations
    Explode Lobby
    Loading Screen
    Teleport to Lock Room
    Teleport lobby to me [on mount]
    Kick Lobby from Mount
    Remove all Weapons

    Self :

    Infinitive Stamina
    Infinite Horse Stamina
    Infinite Dead Eye
    XP Mode [BETA]
    Super Jump
    Ultra Jump
    Never Wanted
    Infinite Health

    Weapon :

    Give all Weapons
    Rapid Fire
    Teleport Gun
    No Reload
    One Shot Kill (Peds & Players)

    Teleport :

    Teleport to Waypoint
    Teleport Forward
    Teleport Backward
    Teleport to last used Vehicle
    Teleport to closest Vehicle
    Teleport to - other locations in Saint Denis

    Spawner :

    Spawn Ped
    Spawn Dead Panther
    Spawn Bear Fell
    Spawn Dead Bear
    Spawn Fish

    Misc :

    Clear Area
    Draw Coords
    Model Changer

    Settings :

    Menu X
    Menu Y

    Made by @maxiZzModz
    <b>Downloadable Files</b> Downloadable Files
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