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I have installed net balancer to program files and also edited the script to

"run C:\Program Files\NetBalancer\nbcmd.exe settings priorities edit DeadByDaylight-WinGDK-Shipping.exe Normal Limited 90 90 true,,hide"

it does not work I have tried multiple times the netbalancer trial isn't finished either i have also tried restarting my pc, can anyone help me out with this cause i have tried everything I possibly could come up with
Yh this was working with Microsoft version I tested it a couple months ago and tested it 2021 sept time for dbd 5.0.0 um idk why it isnt working when we edit the .exe. In netbalencer it does show that it is doing something but just isnt working idk why. I also tested other games such as rainbow and cod they used to work as well idk why they dont. I think its the ahk script. p.s ive tried multiple netbalancer versions as well latest one and older ones that ive used