3 quick questions:

People say "You get HWID banned on the 3rd ban" so let's imagine the follow scenarios:

PC1 has never been banned before.

1-Account A logs in on PC1, then account B logs in on PC1 and gets banned for cheating, does account A also get +1 on their HWID count? (Including all accounts with previous login(s) on PC1)?

2-Account X logs in on PC2, a few days later account Y logs in on PC2, then PC2 gets HWID banned because Y was the 3rd account to get banned on PC2, does this affect account X (or any accounts with previous login(s) on PC2)?

3-Account G logs in on Geforce now, days later account Z logs in on the same Geforce now server where account G was logged in. A few days later account Z gets banned, does this affect account G?

I find HWID bans confusing!!

According to the GDPR in EU do I have the right to ask the devs about the HWID bans related questions? like how many bans are left for my PC to get HWID banned?! Or did I log into my account on a PC that later got HWID banned?!!!

Confused af