Canva is the one of best sites where you can easily create graphics, animated gif’s or videos for your social brand/network with more than 50 million premium graphics, banners, templates, logos, icons etc.You can create a free account at Canva or try their premium service for 30 days free (need credit card to verify).

If you’ve tried Canva and like their service and you want to buy the pro subscription, you can see their pricing page here . The price is $9.95 per month for a yearly payment of $119.4/year.


You can own a PRO account for just $17/per year here. (You save up to 85%)

The account is dedicated, your own account, your own email, your own password
The pro account is valid for 1 year
All premium features
The account is 100% legit
1 Year warranty

Replacement for any issues
NO refunds after purchase
Payment accepted Stripe/Bitcoin/Tranferwise/Payoneer


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