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    !!! 🔥 EAC Bypass + TUT | 3.6.2 🔥 !!!

    BYPASS EAC | 3.6.2

    Hello !
    Today we have for Dead By Daylight Community this Bypass.
    With this Bypass u can use Cheat Engine to Cheat.
    We have too tutorial

    Tutorial to Bypass EAC:

    Step by step:

    1. Download Bypass
    2. Extract Bypass file.
    3. Enter to the properties of the "mmapp"
    4. Go to compatibility
    5. Check the option "Run this program as an administrator"
    6. Drag file named "cedrive" over "mmapp"
    7. Now open "Cheat Engine" and select process called "Cheat Engine"
    8. Go to memory view and select module "ce" by shortcut Ctrl + i and open this file.
    9. Launch game
    10. After entering to the main menu, back to cheat engine and select process Dead by Daylight.

    Tutorial to unlock temp all clothes:
    Step by step:

    1. Bypass EAC
    2. Go to "Table" and click "Show cheat table Lua script"
    3. Now copy the script from "Temp_Clothes.txt" and paste it.

    Tutorial Cheat Bloodpoints:

    Tutorial to cheat bloodpoints Limit:
    Step by step:

    1. Bypass EAC
    2. In the value box write your current Bloodpoints
    4.Then click first scan and wait for results.
    5.Spend bloodpoints in bloodweb, and write the new value of bloodpoints.
    6.Then click "next scan" Try to get only few results.
    7.If you're done, select all results those left and click red arrow
    8.Now double click on Value and change it. If bloodpoints don't change, edit next value(s) of address(es)


    Tutorial to cheat bloodpoints Over Limit:
    Step by step:

    1. Bypass EAC
    2. Go to "Table" and click "Show cheat table Lua script"
    3. Now copy the script from file named "Bloodpoints_Script.txt" and paste it (but you have to add your address of bloodpoints after "0x")and click "execute"
    4. In new addres "Bonus Bloodpoints" change value (If the value of bloodpoints don't change, you should paste another address.).

    VirusTotal EAC Bypass + Temp all clothes:
    VirusTotal Bloodpoints script:

    If Administration can, stick this because its rare and important to cheat.
    <b>Downloadable Files</b> Downloadable Files
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