Welcome to the official MPGH Minecraft server, MPGHCraft! The server is themed to be vanilla survival with economy and custom plugins. The server supports a custom Faith plugin themed around MPGH, to provide a unique and fun experience for everyone.

Version: 1.15.2
Address: minecraft.mpgh.net
MPGHCraft: v1.0

Recommended to use with OptiFine and 4GB allocation

MPGH Faiths

There are three clans to join: Dickhad, Quippie, and Porra. Each of those clans have unique abilities, custom enchantments, quests, and rewards. Once you join a clan, you will not be able to leave it afterwards, so choose carefully. More information about each clan below.

By joining a clan, you will be able to pray to its God daily by visiting each clan's shrine. Simply visit them through the /warp command. Praying gives you Faith points, and a temporary booster which varies from each clan. For example, Quippie receives the Speed effect, Porra receives the Health Boost, and Dickhad the receives Strength. Their duration and level varies on your Faith Level.

Faith Points help to level up your Faith Level.

Each player has a set of quests, which you can get through server-wide events or purchasing. Completing those quests give rewards like custom enchants, money, exp, and faith points.

But what exactly is Faith Level? The higher your Faith Level is, the better the boosters you receive (longer duration and stronger effect), and the bigger the land you can claim.


  • After praying, you receive Strength effect. Effect duration and level depend on your Faith Level.
  • Access to McMMO Lucky Swords.
  • Ability to craft Dickhad's Sword: Sharpness 2, Unbreaking 2, Blindness 1, Lifesteal 1
  • Ability to craft Dickhad's Helmet: Protection 1, Unbreaking 2, Poison Neglect 1
  • +10% Woodcutting Experience


  • After praying, you receive Health Boost effect. Effect duration and level depend on your Faith Level.
  • Access to McMMO Lucky Mining.
  • Ability to craft Porra's Pickaxe: Efficiency 2, Unbreaking 2, Luck 1, Haste 1
  • Ability to craft Porra's Chestplate: Protection 1, Unbreaking 2, Absorb 1, Fire Neglect 1
  • +10% Mining Experience


  • After praying, you receive Speed effect. Effect duration and level depend on your Faith Level.
  • Access to McMMO Lucky Archery.
  • Ability to craft Quippie's Axe: Sharpness 2, Unbreaking 2, Posion Cut 1, Speed 1
  • Ability to craft Quippie's Bow: Flame 1, Infinity, Lifesteal 1, Armor Neglect 1
  • 10% Herbalism Experience

To craft any of the special items, you need three things: To belong to the clan you are trying to craft its item, to have the clan's Gem, and to have a CLEAN item to apply the enchants to.

For example, to craft a Dickhad's Helmet, you simply need to combine the helmet of your choice, without any existing enchants (if it has any, they will be removed), with a Dickhad's Gem in a crafting table.

Note: A clan's Gem is currently only available through quests and are not craftable!
Note: Harvesting provides a small amount of experience!

Faith Commands

  • /Faith join <clan> - Join the clan of your choice. You cannot re-join another clan afterwards.
  • /Faith info <clan> - Access information about each of the clans in-game.
  • /Faith me - Shows your statistics, like Faith points, level, prayer timer, and available quest.
  • /Faith quest - Shows your quests, along with their progress and expiration date.
  • /Claim - Claim the area you are standing in.
  • /Claimlist - Shows the claims you have and your block claim limit.
  • /Abc - Abandons all your claims everywhere. Use it only to remove all your claims at once.

Custom Enchantments

  • [Swords] Lifesteal 1-3: Chance to heal off the damage you deal to players.
  • [Sword] Blindess 1-2: Chance to apply a blindness effect to your opponent.
  • [Axe] Poison Cut 1-3: Chance to immediately deal a chunk of damage to players.
  • [Bow] Cupid 1-3: Chance to heal off the damage you deal to players through arrows.
  • [Bow] Armor Neglect 1-3: Chance to ignore the target's armour and deal true damage.
  • [Tools] Durability 1-3: Chance to repair the item while mining.
  • [Pickaxe] Luck 1-3: Chance of smelting an ore when mined.
  • [Chestplate] Absorb 1-2: Chance to ignore any damage dealt by players.
  • [Helmet] Fire Neglect 1: Chance to evade fire damage.
  • [Leggings] Poison Neglect 1: Chance to evade damage dealt by poison.

Note: There are a lot more enchants, these are just the ones available right now.

Shop & Auctions

MPGHCraft supports a limited shop available for use for buying and selling basic and essential items. It is located in the spawn, and you can get there through the shop warp. It is recommended to use the AuctionHouse system as a main source of trading with players on the server. Everything in AH is easily done through the in-game GUI. To get started, simply use the /ah command.


MPGHCraft supports the latest version of McMMO to help support the theme and plugins for the server. To view the McMMO commands available to you, use the /help command on the server. For general information about McMMO, please refer to the McMMO Wiki for details.


MPGHCraft supports the latest version of EssentialsX. To view the EssentialsX commands available to you, use the /help command on the server. For general information about EssentialsX, please refer to the EssentialsX Wiki for details.


MPGHCraft supports bottling up your own exp and putting it in a Bottle o' Enchanting for distributing or selling through AuctionHouse.