After my test, the module + 0x93d is a place where I can see myself, but when I am behind, it will not automatically aim, which is not what I want.
I searched through Google and called RayTrace to draw a straight line between the character's skeleton and my front sight, so as to judge whether I saw an enemy behind the wall.
I do n�t know where to download the RayTrace SDK. I can only adapt it to my code by Osiris �aiming judgment.
Through the source code of Osiris, I conducted research and found that osiris also uses the support library, but it is too complicated, I can not understand, through modification to adapt to my source code, it seems incompatible, my program is windows cmd and Osiris is Dll, I think there are some instances of RayTrace?
If not, does anyone have such an idea or source code, I would like to ask, because I am an entry-level player in C ++.
I have posted in another forum, but it doesn't seem to be resolved.