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    Exclamation Need help with information, learning and motivation

    Hey guys, I am seeking some information and motivation help.

    Currentaly, I am working as a fullstack Node.js developer mainly working with server-side and database oriented applications, even working with Python at times. When it comes it JavaScript and TypeScript, I have always been very motivated and excited to work on projects and never really get bored. In my current position, when needed, I can learn most and any frameworks or packages in a matter of minutes or hours and it feels fun to learn them. However, when it comes to languages that are associated with game hacking, it just gets really boring.

    I have always been very interested in game hacking and modification, even before I began programming many years ago. I've tried guides and dabled with C++, Java and C# but whenever I work with those languages, it makes me feel so dark, dystopian and primitive. I feel ready and excited when setting out to start learning game modification but it seems as I never learn anything and it just feels like a waste of time.

    I've heard of Node.js CS:GO cheats (yes these are a thing for some reason rofl), but I don't know if these are worth it or not, as they are most likely not as feature full as a C++ based competitor.

    Any ideas?

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    It's more of how you approach said languages as for example C++ is really low level which allows way more but requires way more work as well, perhaps a little library to help with memory stuff or a good guide could motivate you to try again

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