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    Attempted scam

    This guy has a "'" character at the end of his name. He's attempting to impersonate a reputable member here.

    [3:54:20 AM] ACPlakshay`: hey
    [3:54:40 AM] ACPlakshay`: you need google coud?
    [4:01:21 AM] u973842: Hey. The guy who I thought scammed me just sent me the accounts. If they don't work I will need gcloud. I will let you know
    [4:01:31 AM] ACPlakshay`:
    [4:01:36 AM] ACPlakshay`: my rep on forum
    [4:04:09 AM] u973842: Just checked, they don't work..
    [4:04:13 AM] u973842: How much per account?
    [4:04:17 AM] ACPlakshay`: 20$
    [4:04:25 AM] ACPlakshay`: is slling 300$
    [4:04:30 AM] ACPlakshay`: with 300$
    [4:04:40 AM] ACPlakshay`: you can check my reputation on forum
    [4:04:42 AM] ACPlakshay`: my rep big
    [4:04:46 AM] ACPlakshay`:
    [4:05:47 AM] u973842: Okay. I am going to give this guy 12 more hours to correct his actions. If not, I will buy 3 accounts from you today. And many more in the future :)
    [4:06:32 AM] ACPlakshay`: Most likely, he deceived you,he is new to the forum
    [4:06:38 AM] u973842: Yes
    [4:06:41 AM] ACPlakshay`: and i leave within 1 hour
    [4:06:58 AM] u973842: Will you be back tomorrow?
    [4:07:03 AM] ACPlakshay`: if you buy 3 i give discount
    [4:07:05 AM] ACPlakshay`: small
    [4:07:11 AM] ACPlakshay`: 55$ for 3 acc
    [4:07:24 AM] ACPlakshay`: maybe you can now? i have 5 now
    [4:07:44 AM] ACPlakshay`: I don't know if they'll stay tomorrow, they're selling out fast
    [4:09:34 AM] u973842: Uhh..?
    [4:09:44 AM] u973842: Is this your second account?
    [4:09:51 AM] ACPlakshay`: And google cloud accont price minimal 20-25$ on forum
    [4:10:26 AM] ACPlakshay`: what do you mean by a second account?
    [4:10:54 AM] u973842: Your account is newer than the guy who scammed me
    [4:10:59 AM] u973842: With no posts
    [4:11:17 AM] ACPlakshay`: my reputation
    [4:11:36 AM] u973842: Can you log into that account?
    [4:11:57 AM] ACPlakshay`: I'm already sitting on it look at my name
    [4:12:14 AM] u973842: Look at the last character of your name
    [4:12:35 AM] ACPlakshay`: you have skyp e or tele
    [4:13:18 AM] u973842: lol
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    Impersonator @ACPlakshay` has now been banned, thank you for reporting!

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