Greetings all,

After getting into my dream school, I ended up being too cocky to the point where I thought chilling through summer would be enough to get an A in my college level Physics class. As a result, I am searching for someone to help me out when the second midterm and final exam (open-book) come along. I will of course be studying my ass off to succeed without help, but having the peace of mind would really help in the unprecedented times we are going through now.

I am searching for someone with the following:

Knowledge in General Physics I (algebra-based)
Preferably from another top school (i.e. T50) with As in Physics

My paying rates are $30/hour for three hour windows in late July and early August. I may ask for proof that you have completed the Physics sequence and attend the university that you claim. I do not care about your personal information and will happily verify myself as well, but I am not interested in paying an impersonator who I would be better off without.