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    Exclamation Rules and Guidelines for Selling Software

    These are some general rules and guidelines for using the Software For Sale section, along with some of the possible risks of purchasing software. As of right now, the section is still new and we want to keep the freshness and avoid possible restrictions until absolutely necessary. That being said, some basic rules and discretion should be taken into account.


    • Software must be of your own creation/intellectual property.
    • Any kind of hacks/cheat software that interacts with games is not allowed to be sold.
    • Proof/screenshots, price, and terms of service are required to be posted in your thread.
    • Software verification is required.
    • Uploading viruses of any kind will result in a ban.

    Software Verification

    Please upload the contents of your software that you plan on distributing as an attachment to your thread. Your software will then be analyzed and tested for safety and authenticity. Once your software is cleared, the attachment you uploaded will be deleted and your thread will be approved, permitting you to sell your software on MPGH. Selling software before going through this approval process will result in a ban.


    Although these rules and guidelines are in place, ultimately you are purchasing and using the software being sold in this section at your own risk. These rules are in place to help reduce the risk potential for members, but we cannot completely guarantee anything. Please use your own discretion when purchasing and using software.
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