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    Unban daylight

    I got unbanned a month ago, and I was under market ban till 09/15/2020, I've refunded everyone that I "scammed", even yesterday I've refunded @tuchubby $115 USD, and during the market ban I knew that I can't sell anything, but I thought that I am able to buy a small thing, so I bought a logo from someone, didn't know it will get me permanently banned, I really don't know why this ban is permanent, I didn't scam anyone, I just refunded everyone, and after alll that, you just perm banned me for a small purchase? Sorry but this is not a reasonable punishment for a perm ban.
    At least make it a 1 week ban or something, not permanent.
    Now, is there anything I can do to get unbanned?

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    You served a month, caused no problems, made a slip up but there weren't a whole lot of issues. Though, there still needs to be something for breaking the blacklist.
    I am going to change your ban to a temporary ban, and run it retroactively from the end of your blacklist period for a week. I believe once your ban has expired, your blacklist title will still need to be removed. I'll try and remember to have it removed.

    Best of luck.
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