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    MPGH Publicist Applications

    The Publicist group is need of more members to join the team to help run things on MPGH. We are currently looking for up to 3 new qualified and committed members. If you have any questions, please send a PM to me or head publicist @HALOS117.

    So, what are the Publicists and what do they do?
    The Publicists are responsible for keeping the community active and engaged while also publishing our content to social media and other outside platforms that may be relevant. Their main goal is to keep the exciting and entertainment aspects of the community going and striving to continue promoting and increasing activity on the forum, as well as promoting ourselves outside. These events, activities, and publications will take place in multiple different forms, some of which you may have seen or participated in already.

    Available Positions:

    Community Manager - Managing the entirety of community events, activities, and related items
    Content Manager - Managing the creation and distribution aspects of various MPGH related content, publicizing

    The requirements to be a Publicist consist of the following:

    • Must be able to manage time well and meet all deadlines.
    • At least 100 posts to even be considered.
    • Must be active and have shown a willingness to contribute to MPGH.
    • At least have two months on the site to even be considered.
    • Must be proficient with the English language.


    • User-tag and name colour. (Shown above)
    • Some staff benefits.
    • Other enhancements/access to hidden forums.

    Application Format:
    Name: (Nicknames are fine)
    Do you have school/work?: (If so what are the usual times and days you will be away)
    Location: (Country + Timezone)
    Are you staff/special member in any other website: (If so where & what position/usergroup)
    Position you have an interest in: (Please select from the available positions above)
    Why should you be chosen as a publicist?:
    All other posts will be deleted and could result in an infraction or ban. Do not solicit people for "support". It is pointless to do so and doing so will result in your application being deleted.

    We reserve the right to not select a member for any given position.
    This is usually determined by quality of applicants, their history with the site and/or staff and admins.
    I Read All Of My PM's & VM's
    If you need help with anything, just let me know.

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    Name: aku

    Age: 19

    Do you have school/work?: School from home.

    Location: Luxembourg CEST

    Are you staff/special member in any other website: No.

    Position you have an interest in: Content Manager

    Why should you be chosen as a publicist?: I have already been a Publicist in the past and i've always done my job perfectly, i made some videos for the Youtube channel and recently asked if i could revive it, i believe as a Content Manager i could revive the channel and make more videos to help everyone out and promote their cheats, i always do the job i have to and will never disappoint anyone.
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