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    Text Encrypted using Caesar Cipher Formula

    Just a little project I had to code for my Python class. You input the text and a distance value (for the cipher) and it encrypts the text and creates a .txt file on your desktop with the encrypted text. It also opens that .txt file and copies the encryption into another newly created .txt file.

    plainMessage = input('Enter a message: ') #user inputs text
    distance = int(input('Enter the distance value: ')) #user inputs distance value
    encryptText = ''
    for ch in plainMessage: #caesar cipher formula
        ordValue = ord(ch)
        cipherValue = ordValue + distance
        encryptText += chr(cipherValue)
    file = open('encrypt.txt', 'w') #cipher text to .txt file
    with open('encrypt.txt') as file: #.txt file read/copied to another .txt file
        copyText =
        file = open('copyfile.txt', 'w')
    Coded this in IDLE and to anyone learning Python I recommend being OCD about syntax and how you format your code (either single quotes all throughout not mixed, indentation, proper variable naming format, etc)
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