Coded in IDLE. Program asks the user to input their hourly wage, how many regular hours they worked for the week (<=40) and the amount of over time hours (>40). Program automatically calculates the over time pay rate (most places it is 1.5x the regular pay). It then outputs how much you made for the week.
variable_hourlyWage = float(input('What is your hourly wage? ')) #hourly wage input
variable_regHours = float(input('How many regular hours this week? ')) #regular hours input
variable_overtimeHours = float(input('How many over time hours this week? ')) #overtime hours input
variable_overtimePay = variable_hourlyWage * 1.5 #formula for overtime pay
variable_weeklyPay = (variable_hourlyWage * variable_regHours) + (variable_overtimeHours * variable_overtimePay) #formula for weekly pay

print('You have made', '$' + str(variable_weeklyPay))