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    MPGH OFFICIAL Valorant Tournament SCHEDULE

    MPGH OFFICIAL Valorant Tournament

    Welcome to the very first VALORANT tournament held here on MPGH!
    The tournament will take place 17th October 2020 from 2PM Pacific. (Timing can be agreed upon by the opponents for their respective match in case its odd hours for a few).
    You can find details of the tournament as well as the stream here! The live stream will be hosted on Twitch spectating the semi-finals and finals as the matches are being played @MPGHNet on twitch.

    How It'll Work

    The tournament will be a 2v2 style knockout. Each player will face an opponent in a two v two and the losing team will be knocked out immediately. The players who manage to go undefeated until the end will take home 1st place and win the majority of the prizes as shown later in this thread. There will be no prisoners and everyone is expected to come with their A game so make sure youre ready if you want that #1 TOP DOG spot and to take home those juicy prizes.

    Official Tournament Bracket

    Rules of the tournament
    - No cheats/ hacks allowed!

    MPGH PREMIUM - Winner gets 1X Free MPGH Premium(If user(s) already has premium can gift it to another user)
    @GLASS: $15 OF Valorant Points from his shop. -First Place Prize
    @AGATASMURF: $10 In Shop Coupon. -First Place Prize
    @NOXEY: $10 Amazon/Steam Gift Card. -First Place Prize
    @BULKASHOP: $10 In Store Coupon. -Second Place Prize


    @GLASS - sponsors this MPGH Tournament his shop focuses on selling Valorant points way below market price and selling steam gift cards at 20-25% discount. He also sells Spotify upgrades at an unbeatable price of $6 which includes 15 Months of warranty!
    @NOXEY - Noxey is selling top quality accounts, licenses, games and many more services with many different affordable warranty duration. Many daily discounts and extras for all customers. Starting at $0.99 and it can be extended up to 3 years warranty
    @AGATASMURF -Sale with a discount of up to 70% with a one-year warranty, almost any service, Streaming / Music / VPN / Porn / Education / Games.
    @BULKASHOP -Sponsors this MPGH Tournament his shop focuses on selling vpn/antivirus keysdows 10 keys/league of legends and Services for watching TV series. with a different guarantee.

    Tournament Timing - Start Date and Time: 17th October 2020 - 2PM Pacific

    Event hosted by:



    BootyForce EDIT- Their Server is switched to EU.

    The winner(s) will be featured throughout each edition of the news for that month.

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