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    Forum Story - 2nd Edition - ForumSpamDestroyer


    The end of 2020 sees the return of ForumSpamDestroyer, an automated tool to help clean up the streets of MPGH. Over the years different iterations of this have been in use, initially introduced as ForumSpamAssassin by master131. After it was discontinued in June of 2013, Flengo created AutoMinion to resemble its predecessor. AutoMinion was last put to use in January of 2014. Both ForumSpamAssassin and AutoMinion were relatively simple and eventually became obsolete.

    After almost 7 years, we will once again have a bot patrolling the forums, assisting staff members, and making sure that nothing goes unnoticed. Like AutoMinion, ForumSpamDestroyer has been created by Flengo, and is close to being finished. Flengo says that we can expect a much more complex version, compared to the simpler versions of the past. When the idea of a new iteration was brought up, Flengo realized that he now had the ability to add new features that were not possible when AutoMinion was introduced. The new version will be a smarter bot with features we have not seen before, such as sentiment analysis.

    Written by: Gnavling
    Date: 2020-10-08
    I Read All Of My PM's & VM's
    If you need help with anything, just let me know.


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