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    Lightbulb Unban Request


    I was banned today, suddenly. Not sure who decided to do that but I'm very confused as to why I was banned for "Ban Evading". I'm a brand new member, I was pointed out that my reputation was suspicious, I asked the person in question why it could be.

    He got banned and now you guys think that's me? We literally talk to each other daily and I know for a fact that the last thing he wants to do right now is return to this forum, let alone stand for profit.

    Although I do understand that it may just be the staff report I made earlier today, perhaps I made it a little too personal and the person that banned me apparently felt targeted(?)

    (can screenshare this and other talk we had to provide proof)

    On top of the fact we spoke about him repping me, the definition of a ban evasion is that one makes a multi-account after getting banned. In this case you can't put the ban evasion label on me as my account was created before he even got banned.

    I don't get why I am being targeted, I have nothing to do with what happened to him and or why he got banned.


    Fallen Angel
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    - Suspicious accounts with under 50 posts participating in the marketplace may be banned to protect legitimate buyers and sellers in the marketplace. (Permanent Ban, Moderator's Discretion)

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