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    Exalt Account Manager v1.3 - The Daily Autologin Update!

    Since @[MPGH]Beex asked me to implement an Daily Auto Login, I did (even if it is quite a while ago he asked for it).

    Main features
    1. Quickly open exalt with different accounts.
    2. Open multiple instances of Exalt at once with the click of a button!
    3. AES 128 encrypted save-file.
    4: Add accounts from a muledump formated file.
    5. Automaticly get the Account name (nickname) if you leave the username blank (or use the checkbox for it while muledump import).
    6. Auto Daily Login for choosen accounts.

    NOTE: You will still need to claim the rewards yourself at the end of the month!


    Exalt Account Manager

    Exalt Account Manager Light Mode

    Accounts in the list

    Options Menu

    Add Account UI

    Add Account UI With Data

    Daily Login Options

    Timing settings

    Windows Task Scheduler Options

    Tasktray tool

    Windows Notifications

    Crypted Account Infos

    Exalt opened using the EAM

    Two exalt sessions opened using the EAM


    1. Add your accounts, only email and password do matter, the username is just for your organisation, if you leave it blank, it is going to be auto-filled.
    2. Click on the round play button to start exalt with this account.

    3. Daily Auto Login
    3.1 Choose your Timing settings in the Daily Login > Timing Settings menu. The first one is the time between each opened exalt instance and the second one is the time, the first exalt client is closed after the second one is started. Choose the timings according to the time you need to join rotmg after starting.
    NOTE: You can only have up to 5 clients online at the same time, remember that you may want to play at the same time the task is running.
    3.2 After you saved the timing options, you can go into the install task menu, wich allows you to set the amount of time the task waits after the windows login until executing and also set the local time on wich rotmg-resets the daily logon-time (time that counts as login for the next day).
    3.3 After the Install task button is clicked, you will see if the task is successfully installed, if not you will get an error message - you may ask me for help here if you need.
    3.4 Now, after you login into your PC (only your profile), the task will execute according to your choosen timings.
    3.5 (optional) You can change the Notification settings to allow / deny windows-notifications or the tasktray tool.
    NOTE: If the tasktray tool is disabled, there are no windows-notifications aswell, even if checked.

    3.6 For each account you want the daily login to be performed, you need to check the checkbox in the account-list.


    Why does Exalt not start?
    - If it for some reason does not start exalt, check if you have exalt installed, if so, check if the path in the options is set correctly.

    I can't even get it to work!
    - Check if you have .Net Framework 4.7.2 or later installed!

    It won't start Exalt!
    - If you have already started the game once via the Exalt launcher, it won't work. Please close all running Exalts, close the Exalt Launcher and try again.

    The Daily login task fails to install
    - Depending on the error-message I can help you with that, please write the error message you get here.
    You can also install it manually using the Windows Task Scheduler (mmc.exe). - I could also help you with that ofc.

    The Daily login task is installed but won't start!
    - This is a bit more tricky, try to got into the EAM folder > DailyService and start the "EAM Daily Login Service.exe" manually - does it work now?
    Do you have accounts checked to be used for the Daily-Login in the Account-list?
    Try to delete the EAM.DailyLogins file, open the ExaltAccountManager after that and uncheck-recheck one account (re-creats the EAM.DailyLogins file) after that, start the "EAM Daily Login Service.exe" manually again.

    The Daily login task ran successfully but my accounts did not get the login-reward!
    - Check if there is an update for the unity client available, since I start it (hidden), it won't login if it is outdated.

    If you have problems, please let me know, but not just "it does not work", please give me as much information as possible, so i can try to help you.

    <b>Downloadable Files</b> Downloadable Files

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