Hi, I'm new to this forum so apologies if I'm posting in the wrong place.

I'll start off by saying any sort of help is appreciated and thank you a lot if you do. If you want to contact me, leave your ******* below and I'll add you.
Also if you're wondering why I want to exploit a kids game it's because I'm the most beginner coder you're going to meet I know a few things here and there but overall I'd say I know little to nothing about how to code, so I want to start learning. Roughly around this time last year I found a program named "Jam" which is a MiTM application which allows users to send and sniff packets. This was the main source of my learning as I didn't really understand how packets were utilised before, i'd say I was starting to get a decent understanding of them before the old way got patched (Because of the 50million user and passwords that were leaked if you know about that) so at that point I just thought it was over since that was my one and only way of sending packets and doing things other users couldn't. However about 3 days ago I found out that Animal jam had moved from one type of security (don't actually know what) to TSL so I used wire shark and got the hosts of animal jam again and now my Jam comes up an error code instead of Animal Jam just completely skipping right past it, however that's all I really know how/what to do. I've got the Jam program with all of the original files in it if anyone would like to try and help me convert it to make it work now, and even if you have a suggestion its much appreciated, otherwise have a great day