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    Name change / Title change / Image Title change

    New name: cry
    New title: pluggin' since 2005
    New image title: (make the image title centered please)

    -> ps: add only image title if title + image title is not possible

    @Liz name requested is currently on a banned user profile with no threads, no posts etc + ban was issued in 2008

    Changed title name by myself.
    Looking for name change and image title change now.

    Thank you @Liz for your time!

    Showing ❤️ to @Liz, hope she is alright, she was inactive for 5 days+ @arunforce can you take look here? (in case you got access)

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    Arun made the name change, previous name was "heymanhey". Image title surpasses size limitations, you can also only have one or the other. Image or text.
    For future reference, please do not bump threads, it does nothing in this section, and just further delays any request, as I proceed from oldest to newest. Thanks for the concern though.

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