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    Red face Unban Request - DylanGM

    Hello, Dylan here. I don't hang out here much anymore, and just came back to see how everyone was doing. Visited the old Realm section, and was sad to see it's not as alive as it use to be. Honestly, don't remember the login information for the DylanGMAlt, and saw that DylanGM was once again banned even though I haven't been on this site for years. I assume someone just saw a inactive blacklisted account and deleted it.

    I did however, do some research on how my account was compromised. At the time of working with Fremmnik (private server), I also worked on a couple sub-private server that was working on it's own mini-thing. I chose to help out, because I loved that the community was growing. I still have fond memories of not doing school work, and spending my days on this website. At one point we were getting 100 active players on at a time, daily, and supposably (never saw the actual revenue), the server was making a lot of money from it. I originally was given $50 from Zeus as payment over the months of work, and had that refunded from my paypal less than a week later. No hard feeling, but at the time it hit me the wrong way, and I dropped out of development - MPGH entirely.

    While I was away, there was a huge password phishing going on, and actually, it was happening way before I even left, and I was unaware of it. As private servers, we didn't actually have people register with emails, it was straight username-password. This brought up many problems with people forgetting passwords, and donator or not, we told them we couldn't help them because there was no way to prove it was theirs. I had worked on using emails for awhile, but the free email services out there had max emails per day, were very laggy, or simply didn't work. Of course, I could of paid for one, I wasn't the owner of any of the servers. This happened to be a huge issue at the time, and some servers completely deleted the hashing of passwords. Huge red flags here, but I was young and naïve, didn't think of anything about it. Was suppose to be a solution seeing passwords, and asking what they last remember it as being. If similar, recover, or help out as much as possible. You could even remotely change the password for them. Problem with this, and honestly all passwords should always be hashed, no matter what company, website, or game it is; we had several - sometimes in the double digits - of people that had access to the remote server database. My dumbass 100% used the same mpgh password on some of the more trusted private servers. Didn't really make it to hard for them to search a username up, and find my password. Sucks that at the time, there were a lot of untrustworthy people that literally just wanted to make a profit, in that entire damn forum section as well.

    In the end, my account was compromised, used to scam and banned. Honestly I was surprised at first, and asked for a unban. I did receive the unban actually, but was forever listed with a huge black |PERMA BLACKLISTED| logo above my name, and honestly for someone that only wanted to help the community grow with thousands of hours in development, and moderation of multiple servers I was honestly pissed. I two step authenticated my account and moved on. I was labeled a scammer, yet I donated money to servers I never played on, just to hope to pay for their monthly costs and get it up and running. Years and years later, it seems nothing was ever fixed, and the private server community eventually collapsed. MPGH isn't even the top search for "ROTMG Private Servers" anymore. Huge missed opportunity in my opinion. Deca came in and removed it from flash player, huge amount of the community left due to no hacks. (Instant nexus) Literally kept the game alive, it's a fucked up way that a game survived, but it increased the gambling sense of the game without the stupid chance to be one shot and lose it all. No one liked dying, and the game was already so much RNG, that hacks fueled the game! I actually came back today, thinking that private servers would be exploding with players that wanted to go back in time to the flash days, even with the possibility of private servers giving out their own hacks; aimbot, instant nexus. Sadly, that's not the case.

    Just want to wrap it up, and say I miss all of you, and I hope you're all doing well. I'm much older than I was, going to college for a Computer Science degree (3rd year). Hopefully I can graduate with a job to make enough money to pay off these student loans. I want to thank MPGH in general for giving the the want of working in the field, and inspiring me to learn different coding languages as a kid. Special thanks to @Ahl for spending long nights with me, helping me debug stupid issues. Showed me multiple new programs to use, and allowed me to have so much fun! I hope everyone is doing well in these crazy times. Sense I have to have a actual reason post this thread, if you'd like to unban DylanGM I'd definitely stop in from time to time. Don't really have too much high hopes for it though, current moderation probably has no clue who I am lmao. If not, this is farewell to everyone. I just hoped to get my story out there.

    P.S. Sorry about the falling out, had fun working with you. Hope you're doing well, take that knowledge we learned as young adults and do something great with it. Never really got to work things out with you, but we made history with what we made here. You'll always be a friend.

    Farewells and to the prosperity of MPGH,

    ^^ @DylanGM As Co-Owner?!?!? Dk I've forgotten our ranks by now we seem to r" - Good Times


    This dude was the most annoying person ever on Fremminik. Would make hack clients that edited the amount of damage, along with god mode. I'll give him credit, he did good copy pasting peoples work and using it against us! Really had to step up our game. Wouldn't be surprised if this is the guy that got me. Later found out he was accepted onto a development team of one of the servers I previously worked on.

    My first compliment on the dungeon/bosses I made. Felt crazy good to of made completely unique bosses/dungeon/items, and have players love it! Huge reason why I took the career path I did, doing something great, and the compliments being a huge payout.

    I owe a apology out to the people that got scammed. You'll never see this, but just know I am sorry. Hope you recovered whatever it was, never really looked into it too much! Hope it was a ROTMG account, easy recovery. <3
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