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    Exclamation Star Citizen Cheat Engine Project (yes its safe(ish) to use in SC)

    Hi all.

    I've discovered, while its in Alpha, using Star Citizen with cheat engine is safe!! I've received no warnings or bans .

    For the last year I've been working on Star Citizen with cheat engine. So far, by doing standard value searches. I've managed to isolate and freeze the values for;
    * Heart rate (no fatigue
    * HP (char still dies when losing health, cld be server side)
    * Suit Oxygen (have most codes/addresses for this)
    * Hunger
    * Thirst
    * Body temp
    * Environmental Temp.
    * Hydrogen and Quantum
    * Char run speed
    * Ship spee
    * - heat (no overheat)
    & A few other values which I havent yet Identified.

    I've done this by adding the addresses found in the labeled code list , which contains the single value I want to manipulate, eg. heart rate. After freezing the value at 60, I nop the code I pulled the value from. Either that or I write scripts. To freeze the value properly (i.e. heart rate), you need to freeze and nop all the heart codes from the code list.
    The same goes with any other value.

    If your reading this I'm sure this isnt news for you, as chances are your here to give me a hand in making a reliable cheat table which we can update and share with the community. I have a fair amount of experience with Cheat Engine but have not yet learned how to effectively utilize pointers and scripts. I know with the information I've so far gathered that they can be developed, as I'm certain most (if not all) of the values listed above are managed locally.

    If anyone who plays SC and wants to give me a hand, I and other SC modders will be eternally greatful.

    I'm working on/need a hand with;
    * finding the ammo value and the associated code to populate the code list.
    * Increasing accuracy by minimizing the crosshair (idk how to do this...yet.)
    * Finding the movement and jump values
    * Help improving scripts and pointers, allowing easy manipulation.
    * Finding the collision pointers.

    So if anyone has anyone wants to join the dev team or wants to download the CT table, please message me. I dont want to upload this project to everyone, due to rats, who share the CT with CIG.
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    My disco

    My Di-schord iz acetopy#8004. Add me as a friend if u wanna join the team.

    New features;
    -Insta warp cooling and calibration
    -Insta boost (0 - 2000M in less than a second)
    - Firerate (almost)
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