I am not sure if this is the appropiate section to ask but I have been looking into a way to get Steam ID's almost realtime or within 30 seconds at least, from official servers of a game, but none of the API's or Queries I tried, gave me the IDs I needed. I know it can be done easily with RCON but I do not have access to rcon passwords in the end, of course. I've tried many ways to test, but never suceeded in any. The only way I could get ID's was using Battlemetrics API, but the update time of 9 minutes just isn't viable for the work I am trying to do.

I know this is possible as there is a bot working that can get steamids that are online from a server, even as soon as someone is loading into it. I would like to ask any experts in this case, how this can be done. I am open arms to any help. Thank you in advance.