Hello everyone, mostly those who are clicking this thread. LOL. So, I have a dilemma.

Little backstory: SecondLife, a whole virtual world with your avatar and you have in game currency in which you pay for real life money and stuff like that like most MMORPG games (in-game currency wise). So anyway, I was just roaming through the sims (places basically). We became friends and got in a relationship, eventually our avatars got married 7 months later. I thought that we actually had a strong relationship but it turns out, not. at. all. Of course, my dumbass self actually entrusted him with my account so then the next day, everything is gone (on my account). My in-game money, inventory is cleaned the f out because he deleted everything. He had transferred the money to his account, broke ties with me, blocked me, etc.

tldr; Some douche bag ruined basically my life because of the time and money spent on this account.

My request is that, and I don't know if it'll work but I have a lot of faith, to hack his account and for me to keep it. I know, it's my problem (definitely learned this huge life lesson) and it is embarrassing but I'm really hoping someone could possibly help? I know that people who tend to be hacked, they'll ask for help to recover it and I'm wondering (if anyone actually takes this request) if it's possible for me, to keep that account? Maybe it's evil but it would feel justified. I'm already thankful that someone had actually took their own time to read this, but even more thankful to someone who's willing to help me. Thank you.