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The other users that commented are falsifying information. They are users of the service that used this Cheat Table, or "staff" which go around selling this. They're purposely commenting to deter people from evaluating the scripts themselves. You can see them doing this on other forums that also have this on them. I just moved the scripts that were leaked to here.

What these guys don't understand:
NGS = Breakpoint -> Stacktrace -> You have everything you need to bypass NGS very easily.

Scripts that are outdated, you have everything that's required to update them within the script itself.

What they don't know, majority of what bans in Samurai's CT are some of the easiest fixes possible. He's just retarded. They're honestly brain dead since they don't understand the limitations of GMS, which you can see from his previously released CT which stole multiple scripts from a Taiwanese forum and he labeled as his. He's no better than the person who originally leaked this CT on another forum.


Uploaded a previous CT he sold to users to prove it.

Take the Mob Vac and search the script on Google to end up on the Forums with the other scripts.

I can release many others other than just these that have scripts that you can copy/paste and end up on the same forums. He takes them and reworks them slightly and then calls them his own, lol.

Information released like this instead of being sold for $200+ is what the world needs. Enjoy.

OP is crediable. Tested the CT table originally posted and it works no issues. If you inject the Bypasses correctly using CE itll work just fine