Hey I will try to make it as short as possible.

I was playing dbd on my old pc at 2018 and I got banned with my main account for cheating.

When I bought a complete new pc I bought the game again and start playing normally, after that I just wanted to try new hacks again and overdo about it and I got banned again which I was fine with. So I got banned once on my last pc and on my new pc, I dont know if that 2 banned get stacked rn and I am on 2/3 on HWID or just 1/3.

I wanna play the game on Epic games with market file & profile save. I dont think I would get banned but still there is a chance and I wanna take that chance on Epic Games not on Steam. I am just wondering if I got banned on Epic Games account would that be a HWID ban at the end or wouldnt even effect it?

Can someone please help me about this..