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    Question Website with Domain and Hosting?

    I'm looking for a created website ( that I can make ) where I can post review products something similar to blogging? if possible does anyone have a service where I can create a website with a theme and choose my domain name and host? I know basically what mindset I have in mind of what I want to do with the website I just can't explain the basics of what I'm looking for, simple terms

    ( Create website with themes similar to blogging but posting reviews ) I would like it to be my own website with my own custom domain name

    And I don't want the website to be a site that allows forums of others posting or commenting I would just like a site where I can post my reviews and people view it and determine if they like the product based on my review. I'm hoping to buy from someone that already have a website and domain established where I can be the owner and all I gotta do is choose the name I want for the domain and hosting?

    I just don't want to do all the technical work of doing the domain hosting etc i want to skip all that and be able to choose website name and customize themes and start posting
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