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    Thread deleted, is my thread allowed as a service?

    Hello, two days ago i started selling a service in "Valorant Hacks & Cheats", then i got a dm of "meme" saying he deleted my thread because the service as it is is not allowed + i need to do a giveaway to have the service online.

    I said doing a giveaway is no problem for me, and also i don't think that the removal is valid since the reason my service is not allowed was that selling game hacks or cheats / scripts is not allowed, but its not a cheat hack or script.

    I don't wanna talk in detail about it, because this thread seems to be public to anyone.

    However, it doesnt make alot of sense to me that selling hacks or cheats for games is not allowed if thats the section name anyways, but anyways, its not a cheat or hack, as already mentioned. Its not anything similar.

    He then told me that he wouldnt even bother making a giveaway for it, but also suggested me if i'm not pleased with that response that i could open a thread in staff disputes, and here i am.

    Please check if my service as it is was valid, and what infos you need to make it valid.

    Also, if you say it is valid, please also tell me about where i need to do the giveaway, since i have no clue about that and couldnt manage to find that out.

    Thanks for helping

    Kind regards

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    Cheats Hacks scripts are not allowed at mpgh.

    if it's not one of them can open a giveaway for 72h and ask staff to pick the winner if there was no issue can post your sell thread.
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