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    Hello Everyone,

    I know what you all are thinking, who is this new guy without any vouches or sales doing on the marketplace, but everyone has to start somewhere.

    As a new seller, I have do not have big sales but all of the sellers out there started where I am starting: FROM ZERO!

    Contact me now on IM to get further details and prices.

    Now before I get into the list of services I sell I would like you to read just 1 point that I think differentiates me from other sellers:

    • I will provide UNLIMITED REPLACEMENTS within the warranty period! Now to make sure I will be able to provide replacements I have put a self limit to the duration of warranty I will provide to a maximum of 5 months. The reason for this cap is so that my customers can trust me while purchasing that I will be online after 5 months. Unlike the market, I cannot promise 3yr warranty period because it is impossible for me to know what the condition of my shop will be after 3 yrs. Several things can happen within this time, my shop can get closed, the service you purchased can become uncrackable, I can run out of stock and I don`t my customers to lose money, so I believe 5 months is the most reasonable time for a product of this nature.

    Now I will provide the list of services: US, UK Gift Cards, Streaming, Adult, Study

    Real Gift Cards directly bought from Amazon US, UK

    ALL Gift Cards from Amazon US, UK are available. Ex: Amazon GC, PSN, XBOX, All other Gaming, Wallmart, Bestbuy, Food Gift cards, Netflix

    I will myself purchase gift cards from Amazon US, UK and send them to you:


    For smaller denominations (<$50), I will give a discount of 10%

    For larger denominations (>$50), I will give a discount of 15%

    Terms and Conditions applicable only to Gift Cards:

    1. A US Gift card can only be used on a US account. For example if you have a UK based PSN account, don`t buy US PSN as these codes will not work on UK PSN accounts. Make sure you clearly mention what card and region you want. Any region related mistake made by you, I will not be responsible for it.
    2. No Warranty for these gift cards.
    3. My responsibility is over once you redeem the gift card to your account. After that if you find out you cannot purchase due to the item being region locked, I will not be responsible.

    Vouch: (Check the thread`s comments section)

    Quote Originally Posted by egycnq View Post
    Nice easy and fast! Got PSN cards working perfectly fine
    Quote Originally Posted by egycnq View Post
    Easily the best seller out there, been using his services for a long time. Thanks!
    Quote Originally Posted by OnlyMax View Post
    Rep++ Purchased over 200$ worth of gift cards! Very nice guy and helpful! A+ Service!


    • Netflix: Private and Shared Netflix Accounts
      The most popular service out there, isn`t it?

      Private Netflix 4K UHD: $15
      Account Valid for 40 days.
      This is your personal account where you are the sole owner of the whole account.
      Full control of the account: 4 Screens / 5 Profiles.
      Extremely Important Note: For some countries, if you buy this account, you will get a error 'Your account can`t be used in this location'. To solve that YOU MUST USE A GOOD VPN. Tested VPNS: Express VPN, NORD VPN (not included).

      Shared Netflix 4K/HD: Starting from $2
      This is a shared account.
      Limited to 1 Profile / 1 Screen only.
      You MUST NOT change the email and password. Instant violation of warranty. To see full T&C refer below.
      No VPN Required.

    • Disney Plus ~ Starting From: $2
    • HULU ~ Starting From: $2
    • HBO ~ Starting From: $2
    • CrunchyRoll ~ Starting From: $2.5
    • HBO ~ Starting From: $2
    • ShowTime ~ Starting From: $2
    • Paramount+ ~ Starting From: $2
    • History Vault ~ Starting From: $2
    • AMC Plus ~ Starting From: $2
    • iTV Premium ~ Starting From: $2
    • NHL TV ~ Starting From: $2
    • PureFlix ~ Starting From: $2
    • Zee5 ~ Starting From: $2
    • ALTBalaji ~ Starting From: $2

    Vouch: (Check the thread`s comments section)

    Quote Originally Posted by Dirockstar View Post

    Got an Netflix UHD account from him, Working perfectly so far, Got a gift from him too. Great seller!
    Quote Originally Posted by Babua1 View Post
    Vouching , received working disney plus account . Fast and accurate . Friendly and Honest .
    Quote Originally Posted by D0sCabe2as5 View Post
    + rep! Working acc and fast response! Thanks!


    The prices of adult accounts changes often but the starting price for every account won`t be higher that $3. Here are some of the many website`s memberships I sell.

    Pornhub, Fakehub, Babes, Twistys, FamilySecretXXX, Propertysex, MomsTeachSex, Nubiles-Porn, Hentaipros, HdpornMassage, PrivateSexTapes, LifetimeBoobies, Gfleaks, 18Pussyclub, Realitykings

    I have 70+ adult websites so don`t worry and click here and ask.


    All Study websites starting from $2

    Scribd, Grammerly, Masterclass, Shawacademy, Readly, Textbook, Lingvist, BookRags, Duolingo, Vooks, Lumosity, Cymaths Pro, Codecademy, SymboLab, Mondly


    Read these carefully. When you purchase it is assumed you agree to to all of them.
    • NO refunds after sale!
    • The prices of the services may change at any given time! Final price will be quoted during the chat!
    • If the service is not available in your country you must use a good quality VPN which will NOT be included in the service i sell unless you buy it separately.
    • In the very unfortunate case, I may not be able honor the unlimited replacement policy, your money spent will be converted into credit which can be used to buy other products. The warranty period will remain the same as the originally purchased product.


    The following terms and conditions apply to all the services I sell.

    • Don`t change any details of the account! Email, Password, Profile Name or Picture
    • Don`t share or resell the account!
    • Don`t create new profile. Use any of the existing profiles by default or the one I specify.
    • Don`t login/log out frequently!
    • Breaking any of the above mentioned terms will INSTANTLY void your warranty. I constantly monitor sold accounts so I will know if you try to break the rules.
    • For some services their are specific T&C which will be told before the sale during the chat!


    I accept crypto and Paypal as payment methods.

    !!!!!!!HOW TO CONTACT ME!!!!!!!

    There are two ways to contact me.

    Finally I hope you will support me to grow this business significantly. I thank you, my dear readers if you read all my story and reached here.


    Here is the link to the giveaway I conducted before making this thread.
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