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    Updated Archfiend Doomlord Bot - Grimoire RE

    (Credits to hackster98 for the original Bot!)

    Hi everyone!

    Since the AFDL bot made by hackster98 has a lot of changes and added / removed items, i decided to modify the bot with the current 2022 requirements!

    Disclaimer :
    1. Please read the original bot : for the detailed information of the bot. I used his original afdl (no pet) version since i dont have any pet.
    2. Also i might have some items before running the original bot, so some questlines might not be updated. Please PM me if it happens and i will update it!
    3. I made a shorter version method for farming the items. But in return you will need A LOT of Gold, like i mean A VERY VERY VERY VERY LOT OF GOLD, for instance 20M of gold isn't enough. But dont worry! i keep the alternative if you ran out of gold

    Requirements :
    - Chaos saga Tbicenas (/djinn)
    - Northlands questline Chasing After a Girl (/blindingsnow)
    - Rank 10 Evil
    - Rank 7 Arcangrove
    - Rank 8 Alchemy ( i will explain why )
    - TON of Gold

    Now the reason you need Rank 8 Alchemy is to get Essence Potion 10x for the "Enough DOOM for an Archfiend" quest. And in doing so you need either Necroot, Arashtite Ore, Chaoroot, and/or Doomatter (you can buy most of them from Swindle), and the Rank 8 rune option (+5000 rep). Now here is the small "trick"

    After buying such items, mix both of them and wait for the brewing heat to -30, and then use this spammer :
    %xt%zm%crafting%1%checkAlchComplete%11480%11481%fa lse%Mix Complete%Necrot%Chaoroot%Uruz%Moose%

    and click on Send Once, do this until you have 10x Essence Potion (credits goes to original ! )

    Virus Scans:
    - Jotti
    - VirusTotal
    <b>Downloadable Files</b> Downloadable Files
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