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    Abyssal Contract (Archfiend Class) Bot - Grimoire RE

    Hi everyone!

    Today i'm gonna share my version of Archfiend farming bot! For this bot, you will be farming up until getting Abyssal Contract (you can claim your archfiend manually from Oblivion)
    Inside the file there are 2 bots :

    1. Archfiend_withBank : This version should be the first one to be used since you will pull out some required items for the quest from your bank (in case you missed some)
    2. Archfiend : This version should be run after the first one since you already pulled out the items anyway, and it saves times

    You can run both though, since the difference between those 2 are only retrieving items from bank.

    Requirements :

    - 25M+ Gold (Just in case, it is better to have more)
    - Around 20-30+ Inventory Space (Depending on your already owned items, you might need less)
    - Guru Forest Witch Quest Up to Mixing Pot (in case if you are low on gold for Pink Star Diamond)
    - Yokai, Arcangrove, Vordred, Iadoa, Tibicenas Questline (for farming stuffs)
    - Dragon Challenge (for Void Aura -> Void Dragon)
    - Fiendshard - Finish all quest from originul and Oversoul quest up to Defeat Dirtlicker
    (And some other requirements i might have missed)

    Special notes:
    1. You might add some delays between combat if you think it's too fast, i suggest 800+ms delays
    2. The bot are using Legion Revenant skillsets, other recommended class are VHL, VL, BB, LC or any farming class

    Virus Scans
    - Jotti
    - VirusTotal
    <b>Downloadable Files</b> Downloadable Files

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