Hello everyone. The source code of the Arizona game game project is on sale. I was an official developer, but due to problems with the project management, I was forced to leave the developer post. After the purchase, I am ready to continue development with you. The project is based on GTA samp, but very much changed and in fact it is already its own game. The same feature is that players can simultaneously play from both a PC and a phone.

Launcher PC

Mobile Launcher APK

Game screenshots

Such a project exists only among the Russian-speaking audience, which is highly monetized and brings a good profit from donations.

Programming language: Pawn/C++
Database: phpMySql
Lines in the code: 500.000+
About 20 organizations (gangs, mafias, government agencies)
A lot of unique systems, you can find out more about this game on YouTube when searching for arizona role play game
Gamemode: July 2022

By making small visual changes, such a project can be very successful in an English-speaking audience
for questions and suggestions: franzesco.dev@gmail.com