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    Thumbs up Grimoire Rev - Void Aura Bot

    Since there's a new quest requiring Void Aura's on /forge
    I just remade the one I used to get NSOD

    pretty straightforward no twisting or Stucking, just load it and you're good to go
    Just make sure you have Evil Rank 10

    if you're already an endgame char so for sure you're wealthy, buy a few felic-.. philtre potion works really well with Void highlord at clearing rooms, you can change the room you want to go in by changing the number on img to
    easily set up multiple account to on the same route rotation

    To make sure the bot work smoothly and reduce lag
    goto option > advanced opt > Search: Keybinds

    > Search: (Hide Monsters - Hide UI)
    set to an accessible key to use em when botting

    makes the FPS way better and remove the stutter when botting for too long

    There's 2 Versions
    1 with the normal rotation
    2nd whenever he kills a monster goes to another mob on the rotation queue quickly. save a bit of time if your char one shot the mobs


    Grimoire Rev v1.3
    <b>Downloadable Files</b> Downloadable Files

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